Here at Swim and Leisure supplies, we stock a wide variety of swimming hats for a range of disciplines of swimming whether you’re a competitive swimmer or a complete amateur we have something so suit you, our swim caps come in a choice of different materials too. We stock Silicone caps, Lycra caps, Latex Caps, fabric caps and bubble caps so you can be sure to find something that suits your requirements.

Finding the perfect swimming hat for your needs can be daunting but here at Swim and Leisure we want to make it easier for you to find the correct product for yourself – which will help you enjoy your swimming time a lot more.

The swim cap is an essential piece of swimwear, for the leisure swimmers it is used mainly to keep the hair dry and protect it from chlorinated water. Whereas these factors also apply to competitive swimmers, the swimming hat also helps reduce drag in the water caused by loose hair which will improve the performance of the swim. As with all sports its best to prepare whether it be competitive or just for leisure.

All of the swimming hats we stock are available for men, women and kids of all ages, if you require any further information or would like to purchase a custom order then please do not hesitate to contact us via 0598 626 192 or you can use the quick contact form which is located at the bottom of our website and someone will be on hand to gladly assist.