06 JanSurreal Swimming Video Clips

A selection of surreal swimming themed video clips

Swimming video clips image by Razihusin (via Shutterstock).

Firstly, we at Swim and Leisure Supplies would like to wish all our customers, old and new, absolute beginner or seasoned pro, a Happy New Year. As the daily grind returns to the fore, we would like to present a selection of video clips to keep you amused.

The Backwards Butterfly Stroke

The Butterfly is deemed by many as the hardest swimming stroke to perform. In the first of our video clips (courtesy of the Daily Mail), our Norwegian swimmer is seen performing the Butterfly stroke, in reverse.

The Incredible Swimming Chihuahua

This clip shows an underwater view of a swimming Chihuahua. The diminutive dog was fitted with a waterproof video camera which gives the viewer a unique angle of a swimming dog.

Swimming With Jellyfish

Before you run for cover, the third of our curated video clips does not involve the Portuguese Man O’War Siphonophorae. These are the Moon Jellyfish which are pretty tame.

Swimming Cats

Swimming and cats seldom appear in the same sentence of any written works. Especially in cooler countries like our where they would lose body heat. In this compilation, we see several cats taking a dip.

Swim and Leisure Supplies, 06 January 2017.

Image by Razihusin (via Shutterstock).

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