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Swim & Leisure is an established name among armband suppliers, offering swim armbands that cater to different age ranges and size requirements, from infants to adults. They are light-wearing and comfortable, without restricting movement. They are also easy to inflate and deflate, and are portable, making them equally convenient, whether you’re heading to an evening swimming lesson or a family holiday.

When it comes to improving your swimming technique, look no further than Swim & Leisure Supplies for products that represent quality, durability and safety. Our swim armbands are designed to adhere to the EU safety standards and are great for individual or group swimming lessons. The material is bright orange for maximum visibility and the ergonomic design provides the necessary stability and buoyancy to enable the wearer to feel comfortable and secure at all times.

Swimming is an invaluable life skill, and making use of inflatable armbands while learning is a great, affordable way to develop confidence in new swimmers of all ages, kids and adults alike. Our swim armbands help swimmers get a feel for moving around in the water, perfect their swimming motions and develop co-ordination. All the while, swimmers will benefit from the support offered by the armbands, which keep them afloat. As a swimmer gains confidence, the armbands can be deflated to provide less support, until they are no longer needed.

You can supplement your armbands with a number of other excellent products we have on offer, including swimwear, buoyancy aids, swimming goggles, and learning/teaching aids: we can also personalise your equipment with slogans, names and logos, as needed.

At Swim & Leisure, we make every effort to provide friendly advice and assistance, so if you have any questions about choosing the right swim armbands for your needs, don’t hesitate to ask.

We can supply armbands to leisure centres across Ireland. For more information about this product get in touch today on 0598 626 192 or email us directly at swimandleisure@eircom.net


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