33% of English 11-Year-Olds Cannot Swim

admin : July 27, 2017 10:40 am : Blog

Swim England poll of 1,000 parents highlights how one in three 11-year-olds are unable to swim 25 metres or more

Bristol North Baths swim image by Paul Townsend (Creative Commons License: Attribution-Some Rights Reserved).

Swimming lessons – and swimming baths – have changed dramatically since this photograph of Bristol North Baths was taken. Image by Paul Townsend (Creative Commons License: Attribution-Some Rights Reserved).

Swimming is both an important life skill and an enjoyable sporting activity. We at Swim and Leisure Supplies cannot fail to be inspired by swimmers who devote their time to the sport professionally or semi-professionally. Especially those who pick up medals from the Commonwealth Games and the modern Olympic Games. They would think nothing of swimming 25 metres.

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A Brief History of Armbands

admin : June 21, 2017 1:27 pm : Blog

The evolution of armbands for swimming


Cast your mind back to your formative years. Remember when you started school swimming lessons. There’s every chance you made your first strokes with a rubber ring, armbands, or a float (cork or polystyrene). At some swimming pools, you may have held onto the swimming instructor’s long wooden stick to complete your length.

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Would You Swim the Length of Ireland?

admin : February 28, 2017 10:28 am : Blog

Alan Corcoran aims to do so, with a 500 km swim

Giants Causeway swim starting point. Image by Remizov (Shutterstock).

For daring swimmers, swimming the English Channel is the pinnacle of many people’s achievements. It is all the more challenging, being one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. The 33 kilometres is nothing on the 500 km that cover the length of Ireland.

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Wild Swimming in Dublin and County Kildare

admin : February 14, 2017 1:09 pm : Blog

The first of an occasional series focusing on wild swimming venues in the Republic of Ireland

Please note: all of the wild swimming venues covered in this article are more suitable for strong swimmers. If swimming in the sea, always take heed of the warning signs and the lifeguard’s instructions. Thank you.

Wild swimming in Ireland image by Andreas Lippenberger (via Shutterstock).

If you go on the Outdoor Swimming Ireland website, there is a number of established wild swimming venues that are popular with tourists and local swimmers alike. Some of which have been regular spots for several years.

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The Benefits of Adult Swimming Lessons

admin : January 9, 2017 10:00 am : Blog

How adults may benefit from swimming lessons

Adult Swimming Lessons image by Thaninee Chuensomchit (via Shutterstock).

If you’re of a certain age, swimming lessons conjure up images of being whisked away from school to a municipal pool on a double decker bus. It also creates images of cold changing rooms, picking up bricks from the bottom of the deep end, and bossy swimming instructors. Also that of woollen swimming costumes and holding onto a stick as you learn to kick your way along 25 metres of pool. more »

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