15 NovBen Hooper’s Atlantic Ocean Challenge

2,000 mile Atlantic Ocean swimming challenge part of a charitable cause

Dhaka harbour, towards the Atlantic Ocean.

At this moment in time, 38-year-old Ben Hooper from Cheltenham is in the midst of a swim across the Atlantic Ocean. Over the last three years, he has sought sponsors and media partners for his challenge. Yesterday, he began the first strokes of his epic swim from Dakar harbour, Senegal. He aims to finish his swim by March 2017, at Natal, Brazil.

Supporting him on his Atlantic Ocean swim are two support vessels. On board, his crews will include a medic, a body therapist, and an official observer. The official observer will also be in contact with Guinness, where Ben’s progress will be charted. Should he reach his destination in March 2017, his swim could be verified by The Guinness Book of World Records as a bona fide World Record.

Prior to Ben’s epic swim, he swam 7,456 miles in ocean and pool settings. For his biggest swim, he will be swimming 12 hours a day. To build up enough energy for his record attempt, he is eating 12,000 calories a day. His swim fulfils a lifelong ambition to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

There has been previous attempts to swim the Atlantic Ocean. None of them have been validated as a World Record.

Swim the Big Blue

His campaign, Swim the Big Blue, began in 2013 with Sir Ranulph Fiennes his patron. It has attracted sponsorship from local and nationwide companies and eight schools in Cheltenham. The four charities covered are:

His first of the charities, County Community Projects, aims to tackle social exclusion. They work with homeless people and families in times of need. SOS Children’s Villages offer respite for orphaned children, who have lost their parents through natural disasters, wars, extreme poverty, and pandemics.

His fourth charity of choice, Maggie’s Cheltenham, is close to his heart. At an early age, he lost his aunty and a stepmother to cancer. His sponsorship will be enough to let Maggie’s Cheltenham continue their free support. The fourth and final charity is Help 4 Henry, which focuses on a young boy known as Henry. He suffers from Hemolytic-uremic syndrome which affects your kidneys, stomach and brain, after contracting e-coli.

As well as being his lifelong ambition, Ben aims to raise a million pounds for the four charities. We wish him the very best of luck in his endeavours.

To follow his epic swim, go to Swim the Big Blue’s Track Ben page.

Swim and Leisure Supplies, 15 November 2016.

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